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EFF Constitution

The Eastern Fraud Forum (EFF) is a company limited by guarantee. It is a not-for-profit organisation.

Aims and objectives

The aims of the EFF are:

1. To bring the public and private sectors together to fight fraud and financial crime and assist in the protection of the economy of the Eastern region.
2. To promote fraud awareness amongst its membership and organisations throughout the region.
3. To encourage antifraud cultures and strategies within members.
4. To promote and encourage the sharing of best practice between its members for fraud prevention, investigation and detection.

The EFF will seek to achieve its aims through the following objectives:

  • Provide a discussion forum for members and similar minded organisations within the region
  • Provide networking opportunities for its members
  • Organise conferences, seminars or workshops at locations within the region
  • Promote an open and co-operative environment between the membership in both the public and private sectors
  • Encourage the recruitment of new members throughout the region
  • Consider strategic alliances with other bodies / organisations as appropriate (e.g. academia for research).
  • Facilitate the identification and sharing of fraud trends and intelligence between members
  • Encourage the sharing of new / developing practices and issues.


All aspects of fraud and other related financial crime as it affects the membership and or their respective organisations.

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors (“the Board”) exists largely to satisfy legal requirements. The size of the Board will be kept small to minimise the formal administration of changes. The Board will seek to delegate its powers to the Executive Committee (see below) where possible.

Board members must also be members of the Executive Committee. If a Board member ceases to be a member of the Executive Committee then he / she should resign as a director at the earliest opportunity.

The Board will comprise not less than two representatives. Any member of the EFF can nominate a member of the Executive Committee to become a member of the Board. All nominations will be considered and determined by a vote of the Executive Committee.

The Board will hold at least one meeting every 12 calendar months. The quorum for a Board meeting will be not less than 2. Those Board members unable to attend meetings in person may vote on motions by way of any method agreed by the Board (e.g. written proxy, email, telephone, etc.). A Director unable to attend meetings regularly will be expected to stand down.

Minutes of all Board meetings shall be exchanged and distributed to representatives of the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for developing strategy and managing the EFF. It is accountable to the Board and the membership for all aspects of the EFF. It is also responsible for appointing members to the Board of Directors.

The Committee will comprise not less than four appointed representatives. The Committee will elect and appoint its own officers in the respected positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Vice Treasurer. The positions of Chair and Treasurer must be held by different individuals, the positions of Vice Chair and Vice Treasurer may be held by the same person.

Nominations for membership of the Committee can be invited from the current membership for consideration for appointment at it's Annual General Meeting or Annual Conference. Alternative the Committee can make direct invitations to individuals to serve on the Committee. The Committee may as and when required co-opt from the membership to the Committee or as deemed necessary to any nominated or established subcommittee.

The committee can meet face to face, by telephone, email or any other method that it agrees. A quorum will be 3 or more members of the Committee. If no quorum is present then decisions will need to be ratified at the next prearranged meeting of the Committee.

The Committee has the right and power to review and approve applications for membership of the forum. It also has the powers to remove membership.

The Committee is responsible for reviewing the financial position of the EFF, its funding position and subscription requirements (level, timings etc.).

The Committee is all responsible for organising events such as conferences, seminars and workshop on subjects relating to its aims and objectives.


  • Any individual or organisation from the public or private sectors may apply for membership.
  • The Executive Committee can review and consider applications for membership.
  • Any person or organisation applying for membership will be required to abide by the constitution of the EFF.
  • The Executive Committee retains the right to refuse any application for membership to the EFF. No reason will be given and no further correspondence entered into.
  • The Executive Committee reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member for serious breaches of the terms of membership and any such decision is final.
  • Any appeal by an individual or organisation against expulsion must be submitted within 14 days by email to the Chair or Vice Chair of the Executive Committee.
  • The Executive Committee reserves the right to reject representatives of member organisations where they behave in a manner inappropriate to their representation or whom may bring the whole Forum into disrepute. The Committee will also decide what constitutes a serious breach.


The members of the EFF agree to be bound by the following ethics:

  • The EFF will encourage best practice between its members.
  • Recommendations by the EFF are not mandatory and the membership is under no obligation to comply with them.
  • All EFF activities will be consistent with applicable law and government regulations.
  • The independence of members will be respected.
  • The EFF is a non-profit making organisation. Monies collected as a membership fee will be placed in a common fund as will monies collected as payment for attendance at organised events for which an admission fee is required.
  • Implementation of any EFF recommendation is entirely at a member’s own risk. The EFF accepts no liability.
  • No member or representative thereof shall use the EFF to promote personal views.
  • The Board of Directors or Steering Group reserves the right at its discretion to expel members who have not complied with the set ethical standards of EFF.

Funding and distribution:

The EFF should be self-financing and is non-profit making. All funds must only be used to achieve objectives. In the event of closure of the EFF, all surplus funds held in accounts will be donated by the Board in a manner consistent with the aims of the EFF

Logos and designs:

All logos and designs appertaining to the EFF are protected by UK copyright law and are not to be embellished or reproduced without proper grant of authority.

Amendments to the Constitution:

Amendments to the aforementioned EFF constitution will require a unanimous resolution of the Executive Committee. Members of the Executive Committee must be given a minimum of 14 days notice of the meeting at which the changes to the constitution will be discussed. Attendance and proxy voting by whatever method the Executive Committee deem appropriate (e.g. written proxy, email, telephone) will be permitted to ensure opportunity for all.

No amendment of ethics will be permitted which infringes member rights or the applicable laws and government regulations.


EFF Constitution